I just released a major firmware update for the WiModem family!  The new version fixes a few small issues and adds some needed features!  See the firmware history for a full list of changes.

The issue with Mystic BBS using cursor keys has been resolved.  When you press certain keys on a modern keyboard, it generates an ESCape code followed by a 2 byte function code.  The WiModem sees the first character and sends it over the air to the router, followed by the remaining characters as individual transmissions.  Router and over-air communications are very slow due to the latency.  The Mystic BBS software is expecting the ESCape code and the function codes to arrive within a few characters times (microseconds) from each other, which is simply not possible in a WiFi environment when sent individually.  There are two new options that can be tweaked in the future to resolve any potential issues related to the WiModems being too fast for their own good!  This was the issue with the Mystic BBS software.

There is now an option to have the OLED screen power itself off after so many minutes.  These displays really do not have screen burn-in issues, but some people like to have the display dark when not in use.

The packet handling code has been re-written yet again, yielding more performance for uploads/downloads.

The big new feature for the v6.0 firmware is NULL MODEM cable emulation!   You can now use two WiModem or WiModem232 units together to emulate a NULL MODEM cable!  This means that you can use a WiModem232 with a desktop computer via a standard COM port and send data to a RS232 device (like a printer or plotter) that has the other WiModem232 plugged into it!  No more cable required!  You can also connect two computers together to do super fast file transfers - typically 20% faster than just "dialing" from one computer to the other.  NOTE:  When you use the NULL MODEM mode and you return to normal modem operation, the previous router setting will be gone... so you will have to re-establish a connection to your router.

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