OLED Screen Display

It would be a nice feature to have the display turn off automatically after so many minutes.  There is a setting to turn off the LED, but nothing regarding the display.  

Aren’t OLED screens more susceptible to burn-in?  I leave my PC’s on at all times so this screen is always on.  Thanks!
Good idea.  I can add that to the new major update that I am about to release!
Excellent, thank you!
You know, for some reason I imagined that when this change was enabled
that the entire WiModem232 would go "dark". I know, I know, it specifically
says "OLED" but it just seems a bit odd to see the OLED screen blank and
the WiModem232 still lit up from the other light source. Smile
Well, I can certainly change it (and the name of the command). I actually thought about doing this when you mentioned it originally. I think for the next version I will remove the OLED command and replace it with SLEEP, where the OLED *and* the LED both turn off after the preset time.
That sounds great. Thanks Jim! Smile

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