Files lost??
Bought the Super card years ago and made images of all my amiga programs and put them on Amiga Forever.  Several days ago I went to use a six disk program and it didn't work.  I went to the file listed in the on line manual to download new updates for the software and was notified that the file no longer exists.  Can anyone inform me of a site that still has the software files for the super card?

Tom P
Are you referring to the SuperCard Pro software itself? That can be downloaded from the CBMSTUFF.COM website, here:
(12-29-2022, 04:08 AM)admin Wrote: Are you referring to the SuperCard Pro software itself?  That can be downloaded from the CBMSTUFF.COM website, here:

Yes, I was referring to the SuperCard Pro software.  I went to the suggested site and downloaded the software, and was informed by Norton that the software was malicious and it was deleted on my computer?????
You will need to add an exclusion for Norton's.
I couldn't figure out to add an exclusion for Norton. So I just turned off Norton and set up the software with Norton off. I thought once Norton was turned back on, it would erase the software but it didn't. When it came to copying disks, I was given two versions of the 5.25 disk and no version of the 3.5 disk drive. Tried to copy a 3.5 inch disk and it appeared to copy it perfectly, no reported error. Can i assume it made a correct copy of the disk? This is a 6 disk program and don't think I would get a true reading just copying the one disk as a test trail.
There is no verification possible on flux level data, so you would need to use some other program in order to verify the upper level data. If a disk was commercially produced you just need to use INDEX mode and that's it for copies. What disks are you working with?
I am trying  to recopy all 6 disks of Page Stream.  I also copied a single disk of just old data.  Haven't transfered it over to the Amiga side.  Will do that in a few minutes to see if I can read the disk.
The biggest question I have is why when I go to copy a disk with super card are my choices limited to the 5.25 disk and not the 3.5 disk.  If I remember correctly, when I copied all my disks before I was always offered the size choice of disk to be copied.  I had no luck reading the "5.25" images when transferred to the amiga.
You only need to make changes to 5.25" disk types due to 40 or 80 tracks. 3.5" disk types are always 80 track, so no option is necessary when using 3.5" disks.
Good evening Jim. I have for several days tried to download the driver for super card, each time having Norton erase it. I wrote down the procedure for having Norton ignore the program and followed the procedure step by step to no avail. Each time I download SCP it was erased. Finally called Norton and had their tech work on it. Took her several tries to figure out how to make it work. She spent a good 15 minutes on it. Made me feel not so dumb after all. And I might add, she didn't follow the procedure Norton had on the web, not even close.

When she finished everything appeared to work so I will try tonight to make images of several programs I missed the first time around. Last time I tried copying the disks I wasn't given the 3.5 disk option. I'm hoping it was due to the fact the program was not copied properly.

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