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Hi Folks,

Does anyone know if it is still possible to register BaudBandit v1.4b?  Or if it has been made public domain/free?

BaudBandit is not needed. You should be using 8-N-1 or one of the other more modern (and faster) serial device drivers.
(11-03-2022, 12:01 PM)admin Wrote: BaudBandit is not needed.  You should be using 8-N-1 or one of the other more modern (and faster) serial device drivers.

Thank you.  I am using Amiga OS1.3, which limits my options New8n1 requires OS2+ for example.  But thanks!  BaudBandit seems a bit buggy.
There are many different drivers out there that are better than BaudBandit. I am not sure why any device driver would require OS2.x or higher. The original 8N1 (not new8N1) is OS1.x compatible.

Artser also works with OS1.x:
Thanks! The older 8n1 does work nicely with NComm, thank you. Jr-Comm seems a bit funny about it. Using Ncomm as my default now and connecting at 57600, albeit ANSI screens don't really seem any faster Smile

Artser gave me dropped characters and didnt seem stable, so I have dropped that one.

This is an Amiga 1000, so simply is better Smile.
Ah, well that would explain your issue. A stock OCS/ECS 68000 setup really can't handle baud rates above 38400 when you are using a screen mode with more than 4 colors.
Ah. I have a 68010 which might help a tiny bit, a Parceiro (essential for Amiga 1000 users) and with the older 8n1, I have been able to connect to Amiga City BBS at 115,200 and 57600 - yes some occasional errors, but I can play Legend of the Red Dragon without a problem.

I will however drop back to 38400 which does not really feel any different for BBSing anyway. Menus transmit at seemingly the same speed, I'm sure downloads would be different - but not much need for that these days.

A 68010 won't help. The issue is the screen DMA, Paula, and CHIP memory. Unless your serial device driver and terminal program are loaded into FAST memory you are going to be limited in what you can do for serial transfer speeds with color screens. Back in the day, you were VERY lucky to even get 57600 baud to work on a stock A500/A1000/A2000. If you wanted to do file transfers then you always wanted to go with a 2 or 4 color screen, this is why all of the Amiga terminal programs have the ability to change the screen depth.
Hey there, for anyone who comes back to this, I put in a 68030 accelerator into my Amiga, and there was a dramatic difference in speed in using a BBS over Telnet. I mean, life changing - massive increase in speed using the same NCOMM software. So The Amiga 1000 must be struggling in rendering the ANSI graphics? There is definitely something CPU related being hit there, and BAUD rate doesn't really matter - this is all CPU.

Problem is, I lose compatibility with some games with the Accelerator. I'll have a blog entry soon on my accelerator experiences, keep an eye on

WiMODEM entry one day too.
The biggest issue is the screen mode. The Amiga uses DMA to display the colors and the CPU can get stalled with a high color depth (more than 4 colors). An accelerator, especially with fast memory on the accelerator board, can really help.

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