Synchronet bbs
Love the screen on the modem! Was trying to set my old Synchronet bbs (DOS version not the new windows version).
I picked the Hayes modem and set baud to 9600 (same as the modem is set for) and when it trys to initialize it says Invalid result code ATH instead of 0

here is the setup info:
DTE Rate 9600
Hardware flow control CTS/RTS
Initialization string: AT&F0=0S2=128E0V0X4&C1&D2
Terminal Init String ATE1V1
Dial String ATDT
Off hook string ATM0H1
Answer String ATA
hang up string ATH

Any suggestions appreciated,
DON'T use AT&Fxx! That resets the modem to factory defaults and then ignores everything after that!

Everything else looks ok.

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