SuperCard Plus ROM
Is there any legal way to get the ROM of the SuperCard Plus (as an image) for using it  in an emulator like e. g. VICE?
You could pull the ROM from your board an dump it in an EPROM reader.
Does that mean one has to buy SuperCard Plus hardware in order to use it in an emulator?

That feels quite strange. You see: Having hardware produced, buying it, and then not using it. That's not what we should do with the resources on earth.

Can't you sell digital images of the ROM instead?
Using Supercard+ in an emulator makes no sense. You are not copying any disks, and I am not completely sure that it would work. I have only looked at it briefly when they added it to VICE. I didn't try any of the features other than to see if an error message was generated about not having the board there.

Until I can verify that it actually works, I won't consider making a digital image available. Again, I am not sure what the point would be here. You can't generate any type of disk image from this setup.

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