Windows XP : unable to check updates
since a few months, SCP cannot check for new updates anymore, I get the message "Unable to reach the server to check for updates".
I'm running Windows XP. What could be the cause ? 
Is there a 2.5 installation package for windows XP ? 
Maybe you have an anti-virus or anti-malware blocking the connection?

The installation package is for all versions of Windows, and it is v2.5.
I don't have any antivirus or anti-malware on this machine and I didn't change anything on my setup.
Do you use TLS for connection to the server in order to check updates ? Could it be related to a non supported TLS method on WinXP or a root certificate issue ?

When I run the v2.5 installer it says it's not a valid win32 application.
The update portal is not secure - it's a standard website file access. The only change made on my end is that I moved to new servers 3 weeks ago, which seems much more recent than what you describe.

I will look into the problem with the updated and the older version of Windows. I think this is an Inno installer issue where it requires 8.1 or later.

You could manually copy the scp_update.exe file to your SCP directory (C:\Program Files\SCP\) and rename it to SCP.exe.

You can download the file directly from the link below, which is the same link that the SCP software uses to get the update.

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