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Hello Jim,

I am now setting up my 2nd wimodem232 to use on my network as a 2nd bbs. My one is identified on the wifi client list as Wimodem232.. and of course so is the 2nd modem.

Is there a setting to change the name? so I could identify them with my 1st and 2nd bbs.. so I dont have to look up IP addresses and Mac addresses and just see the device name?


Hmm... I will have to look into that. I guess I could make a command that allows you to add a suffix or something.
I don't know if it would be helpful with your situation James but with
my Linksys router I can do a network map. From that map, it shows
the router in the middle with lines (like the spokes of a wheel radiating
outwards) to each connected device. Simply clicking on each device
allows you to give it an individual name. So in my case, I have 2
Win10 boxes on the network. I named one Win10-Kitchen and one
Win10-mancave. Same thing with the various Lantronix UDS10's
and WiModem232's. For example, one is named WiModem232-MGSTe
and one WiModem232-STacy, etc, etc,...

This helps me differentiate them "at a glance" on my network map.

HTH's. Smile

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