FEEDBACK - New keycap colors
Update to add Pantone colors for the One Per Desk colorways.
Red - 188 C (Magenta\Red Velvet) - Approx HEX #642222, Signature Plastic (REL/RBC-retired)
Green - 7489 C/7737C - (Muted Green\Pea Green) - Approx HEX #71a745, Signature Plastics VAV
Green - 360 C (Neon)

Also I would support a BlingBoard64 stretch goal to have an extra keycap set that adds standard 104 keycap modifiers to match current keyboard layouts that do not exist in the Commodore layouts. I think this means adding 2.25U, 2.75U and 1.25U keys sizes plus a 6.25U space bar.
Noted on the colors!

Having 'extra' keycaps is never going to be possible. The ONLY reason why the Blingboard 64 will have MX supported keycaps is because I will be able to make a new bottom mould to match the existing top mould (keycap shape) re-used from the original keycap campaign. I will definitely not be making any new keycap shapes.
Understood on the extra caps, really appreciate the time and effort to do all that you have done already. I actually had 2 other random suggestion that are just thoughts.

Milky/Fog Cap - Non clear translucent milky white works best to disperse LED, basically allows users to set the color with the LEDS without being blinded by a bright led under a clear cap. No idea if possible with ABS as as normally this is a different material like POM. Probably would be a great default if this is possible with your plastic choices and basically color then is up to the BlingBoard settings.

Also have you ever considered having these UV printed? The only tooling for this is a keycap jig to hold them steady, no pad setup or tooling required. I think this is more durable than pad printing and is super flexible once the print layout is configured.

Anyway great job, I fully understand the time and effort put in to get here.
The current "clear" keycaps are not actually crystal clear. There is a very light texture on the sides of the keycaps, and the top has a more course texture. This is just like the original breadbin type keycaps. The C64C keycaps were all smooth on the sides, with a very mild texture on the top.

I wanted these UV printed, but the cost was ridiculous. I am not able to scrape off the pad printed samples I have, so they are plenty durable enough for this application.

I am very knowledgeable about UV printing. I bought an A4 size UV printer so I could do custom printing of keycaps. It supports CMYKWV for colors, and can doing things like topography printing (to simulate deep brush strokes on a canvas).

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