Serial port activity?
Fortunately, we have the ability to work around those things when they occur. Smile
(08-30-2021, 03:32 PM)admin Wrote: Fortunately, we have the ability to work around those things when they occur. Smile

Heard that. Smile
Okay, after using this for a while, I'm still having some issues. I've had a few times where
even with the S register set, users who have gone inactive are not being disconnected.

The only thing I can assume is that the BBS software, for whatever reason is causing
serial port activity intermittently somehow (polling maybe?). there any way, in some upcoming update, you can add an option for a hard timer
cutoff to the WiModem232? Something say, up to 2 hours at least, adjustable in increments
by the user? I'm talking an actual "timed" cutoff.

For example, I've given my users 120 minutes each day, 95 minutes per call, and the Lantronix
UDS10 is set to auto cutoff at 99 minutes. So each user can get their full time (95) per call and
full time per day (120) but if they go inactive, the UDS10 cuts them off at 99 minutes regardless.

Thanks, and thanks once again for such a wonderful product. Smile
Sure! I can add a “max connect time” option where connections are limited to whatever you specify.

I will have to figure out what to call this feature.
Okay, thanks!


"maxcon" (maximum connect time)

"condc" (connection DC)

"conto" (connection time out)

"dcon" (disconnect time)

Pitiful, huh? Smile
I was thinking something more like another S register that determines if the current SReg 30 inactivity timeout occurs from the lack of serial data, or it is a hard timeout. I need to look and see what other S registers might be at least somewhat associated with this. Worst case I can add a new AT* command.
So, it looks like there is a 2nd activity related S-register, S73. This is a "no activity" timeout that will ping the other modem (real phone modem) to see if it is there. We already do that through the router portal. So, I think it would be safe to re-purpose this as a hard cutoff of the connection based on time, using the same parameters that we use for S30. I will look into how much work this is because I am not sure how much of a pain it is for non-consecutive S-register values to be handled in the code.
I am testing the new S-Register (S73) support. However, when adding this I noticed that I forgot to add the saving of S-Register S30 when I added the inactivity timer support! This means that on power-up S30 would always be 0 (no inactivity timer). So, if you did not have S30 in your init string for your BBS because you thought this was saved with AT&W, then it would never have this active if the modem was powered off and on. I have fixed that.

The new S-Register S73 represents the maximum connection time in minutes. So, a value of 1 would terminate a connection after 1 minute. A value from 1 to 255 (to up 4.25 hours) can be used, with a value of 0 being OFF. The default should be 0 (OFF) for any WiModem made in the last couple of years. Doing a factory reset (AT&F) would definitely turn it off.

I will let you know when testing has concluded. It could happen later today.
Ok, the new update is available!
Awesome, I'm going to update here in a bit and test it out.

Thanks so much for the support. I don't think I've rarely, if
ever, seen anyone support a product to this degree and with
such responsiveness!

/bows.... Smile

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