Fusion 4.0
V4 will NOT fix this issue! The problem seems to do with however the DraCo is setting up its own MMU space on power up I guess. RsrvMem is required for FUSION to work, so if the current RsrvMem (or RsrvKick - which might be needed for your system) does not work, then no version of FUSION is going to work.
I was researching this a bit. You might try running FUSION without RsrvMem. Applications that use the MMU also need this:

In the "DraCoSystem" preferences editor, the option "Enforcer from 0" must be turned off.

You could also try using the RsrvMem -r to see if that works.
Fusion without "rsrv" shows me only "low memory not reserved". And i have in c: RsrvKick (or rsrvcold/warm from older version). RsrvMem is something newer or different?
Enforcer is off, System that i have in DraCo is 3.1 and on Second hard disk 3.9.
RsrvKick is the same as RsrvMem (which was released for EMPLANT) - I forgot I renamed that. RsrvKick has the -r option you could try.

I would boot your machine like normal, go to a CLI and type:

rsrvkick -r {hit enter}

...and see what happens. Your machine should reboot. Do the same thing again and this time it should not reboot, but just exit. That means it is installed. RsrvKick always does a reboot the first time it is ran, and it needs to be the very first thing in your s: startup-sequence file.... not the 2nd, 3rd, or 10th - the VERY 1st!
So i tried it today. After first rsrvkick -r draco freezed for 10 seconds and then shown me message "exited program successfully" but without boot. On second rsrvkick -r is only Guru message with suspend/reboot.
Well, without having a DraCo system to test there would be no way for me to fix this issue. RsrvKick requires 4K of memory located at the base of CHIP memory ($00000000) and access to the normal AmigaDOS exec routines for allocating memory. Nothing is done with the MMU or anything non-OS specific with this program, so apparently the DraCo is missing some normal Amiga functionality.
If you want, i will send you my draco for test Smile
Or its not another way to run Fusion? Because all others emulators works without problem, and i am waiting for new fusion long time Sad
The Mac emulation requires the first 4K of CHIP memory to be available, which is why it must be the very first line in your startup-sequence file.  The VBR is also moved.  Without those things done, no Mac emulation is possible.  The only issue I am aware of with the DraCo to work with FUSION is that you have to disable the enforcer support (some type of "config" setup for the DraCo).  There are people who have used FUSION once you have done that.

You might try splitting the memory.  Maybe your setup has some other type of issue with allocating that block of memory?  Try RsrvMem -s
Good afternoon, please is any news about releasing new Fusion? Thank you
No news yet. Still re-working the MacOS so that it uses fewer cache clears. The MacOS is always flushing the cache and this is a HUGE performance issue with EMU68.

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