User Port for Blisster v2
I just purchased the DE-10 Multi Expansion Board. I also have the CBM Stuff 128MB RAM, the Blisster v2, and the DE-10 Nano itself.

Today I began looking at the documentation to get everything set up, and the Blisster board requires connecting its "Serial Out" (USB 3.0 Micro-B) to the IO board's User Port using a USB 3.0 cable.

Unfortunately, the CBM Stuff DE-10 Multi Expansion Board doesn't have a USB 3.0 user port configured. It does have a header labeled "USER PORT", however.

The pins for this port are labeled on the board as follows:

1. Tx
2. Rx
3. 3.3v
4. Gnd
5. RTS
6. CTS
7. DTR
8. DSR

I am in the process of figuring out which pins connect to the USB 3.0 pins, which are enumerated as follows:

2. D-
3. D+
4. GND
5. RX-
6. RX+
8. TX-
9. TX+

The Blisster docs show a diagram showing the RX, TX, RTS, CTS, DTR, and DSR lines connected to the USB 3.0 connector, but the diagram labeling is incomplete. Specifically, it's unclear which pin CTS connects to, as well as VCC, GND, and VDD.

The diagram is shown below:
[Image: user-port.png]

Looking at the official IO board schematic tells more of the story:

[Image: 5JCXKki.png]

So far my best understanding is:
From User Port:

1. Tx    ->   D- (P2)
2. Rx    ->   D+ (P3)
3. 3.3V ->   TX+ (P9) (??? or NC ???)
4. Gnd  ->   Gnd (P4)
5. RTS  ->   TX- (P8)
6. CTS  ->   Gnd2 (P7)
7. DTR  ->  RX+ (P6)
8. DSR  ->  RX- (P5)

From USB_3:

USB_3  -> USER
1. Vbus -> (NC)
2. D-     -> Tx (P1)
3. D+    -> Rx (P2)
4. G1    -> G (P4)
5. RX-   -> DSR (P8)
6. RX+  -> DTR (P7)
7. G2    -> CTS (P6)
8. TX-   -> RTS (P5)
9. TX+  -> 3.3V (P3) (??? or NC ???)

I would appreciate feedback on whether I've made any mistakes here. Questions that are immediately obvious:

1. Should I connect Tx+ to 3.3V or leave it NC?
2. Do I also need to connect Vbus to 5V or leave it NC?
MiSTer doesn't use the USB3.0 as a standard USB connection. It's just a means to have a break out. This requires you use a USB3.0 connector and cable or adapter board. That is too inconvenient for the educational market (which is what the Multi Expansion Board was designed for).

The MEB manual has the pinout for the USER PORT. I don't know what MiSTer actually uses for its USB3.0 connector, I have never looked at it. The pins on P7 are what you should be following from the DE-10 Nano schematic.

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