'no router located' with Google Nest wifi mesh.
I've been having a similar issue but with a ASUS router. The WiModem232 was working well until I turned it on again after an update. I did the update and ran it for about 32 hours straight. The battery pack died with the WiModem232 in a basic state with ATS0=9. Since I've only be able to get it to connect to my router once, and during that time it would drop telnet connections. I'm not doing anything fancy except playing with minicom terminal and telnet. I'm at firmware v4.10-06/07/21 .
My WiModem232 is a v2. Things I've noticed that don't work:
at&f should reset the baud rate to 300, but it doesn't.
will change the SSID shown in ati! but not connect to it.
AT*WPS doesn't seem to work either.

So I'm not sure what happened. When I ran AT*UPDATE appeared to update it.

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