New caps
Hi i am looking for new c 64 c keycaps  I cannot find them in the store .

Kindest regards
They are still in production! We are working out the final details for compatibility with the two different types of stems used with the keyboards.
(05-26-2021, 12:57 PM)admin Wrote: They are still in production!  We are working out the final details for compatibility with the two different types of stems used with the keyboards.

Could you elaborate a bit about the two different stems? In other words; are there variants in C64 keyboards if you don't take the keycaps into account?

There were 4 different keyboards that we are aware of (so far). The original keyboard came from the VIC-20 and late model PET series. Those were rare, perhaps only a few thousand keyboards were this way. Next, is the most common and that was the keyboard used in the C64 "breadbin". Those have a stem with a 5mm tip. Late model breadbin and C64C keyboards have a 3.5mm tip on the stem. This means that the locking point is different. You can't really use keycaps meant for a 5mm stem with a 3.5mm stem (and vice-versa). The 5mm stem fits and can be used with a keycap designed for the 3.5mm stem, but it doesn't really "lock". The 3.5mm stem being used with a keycap designed for a 5mm stem just doesn't work - it's too short and fall off the stem (does not lock). The last type of keyboard is another variant with tiny stems like the C128. I have never actually seen one in person, only in pictures.

I designed these keycaps so that either a 3.5mm or 5mm stem could be used. I did this by having two of the opposing locks at the 5mm depth, and the other two opposing locks at the 3.5mm depth. Both stems fit the same keycap and lock.
I learned something new today, thanks for the info.
I also searched for it in stores and couldn't find it Sad
Still in production! When they are done everyone will know! Smile

I will definately be purchasing 2 sets of keycaps.

question 1: will you produce the electronic board to support the key sets with compatible wires to attach it the c64 board.
question 2: what will be the complete price including electrical components? COST of assembled or unassembled product?

kind regards

There will be a new product called Blingboard64 which will be a completely new keyboard with the same shape keycaps (but different stems). This will plug into any C64. There is no information on cost yet, but this will become a new Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign as soon as the current keycaps are shipping.

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