Are there any non-standard/undocumented things to try (setting up BBS)
They haven't actually been devices, more like modem emulators running on PC.

The most time I've spent is with Leif Bloomquist's Telnet BBS Server and there are no problems with outgoing connections and I can run a C64 BBS (EBBS) through it but Paragon works about the same as with WiModem. This software has also a recommended cable (described in the documents) and I've made that but works just 'as well' as with my other cables. I also have the "Internet modem" software from Boycot Software but I haven't fiddled with it that much because I had already given up when I found that and was going to get your product anyway. Maybe I'll test et some more some day.

And BTW, C64 EBBS works just fine with WiModem232 with modem type set to 4, in case anyone ever wants to use that combination. Tested with Rex Datentechnik RS232 cartridge (WiModem will be upside down if connected directly to cartridge) and Commodore VIC-1011A cartridge (needs a gender changer).
Should this work now with the latest firmware? I don't seem to get any further with it.


B0 C0 E1 L0 M0 N0 Q0 V1 X0 S0:1 S1:0 S2:43 S3:13 S4:10 S5:8 S6:2 S7:50 S8:2 S9:6 S10:14 S11:95 S12:50 S25:5 S30:30 S37:6 *B1200 *BL512 *C0 *CT0 *D0 .... *R0 *T0 &C1 &D0 &G0 &K0 &Q0 &S0

Using the init string ATH0X1V0 as you suggested 05-09-2021, 05:22 AM. Using the archive which you also used. Didn't change anything in config (the main settings being MAX BAUD 1200, LOCKED BAUD 1200 Answer with ATA: NO)

Running Paragon with >> Paragon 1 B9600 L9600 << (EXCEPT I'm using 1200) like you mentioned in your post 05-07-2021, 01:16 AM

Modem and Paragon are communicating properly, the commands seen on the WiModem OLED are like they should so baudrate seems to be ok.

Modem is connected directly to A1200

I dial it and this is what I get:

WimOdem oled -> incoming call, connected
Caller sees CONNECT 1200
BBS sends "1200 baud connection established on line #1", and this can be seen on both computers (BBS and caller)

And after thinking for 2-3 seconds the BBS thinks it's a good time for +++ATZ (the +++ can be seen on the caller side too) rather than displaying the welcome.txt and the caller gets NO CARRIER. Feels like it thinks the caller has quit.

Tried also disabling the modem auto-answer (adding S0=0 in the modem init string AND set up Answer with ATA: YES in the config) then the BBS says "Ringing... ATA" (WiModem oled telling it's connected so the BBS really answers, the caller also gets a connect) and sends +++ATZ right after that.

God knows where I would be now if I had been as eager and persistent in the school...
I tested this many times.  The baud rate set in the config file MUST match the baud rate that you use, and that you initiate when you run Paragon.

I ran my tests at 9600 baud.  So, in the config the baud rates are 9600, and I used this line to start Paragon:

run paragon 1 B9600 L9600

If you wanted to run at 1200 baud you would have to set the baud rate to 1200 in the config (for both connecting and max baud rates).  Paragon apparently uses the config information to determine what the CONNECT message should be.

I will try this at 1200 baud, but it seems that if the BBS is actually sending the connect message then it has connected and should continue until there is a hang-up. You might want to try doing AT&F to restore the modem setting to the defaults after doing the update. I don't think it should matter, but I did add many thing that won't be enabled (like the connection timer on the OLED) until you turn them on. By default after an update, these things would be off until the factory settings were updated.
I test this again, this time at 1200 baud. I ran the CONFIG program and set the baud rate to 1200 (in menu option A), and locked the baud rate at 1200 (in menu option B). Then I ran it like normal using this:

run paragon 1 B1200 L1200

It connected and I was able to log in as the sysop.
I think we are having some kind of communication problem in our discussion. In my previous post I'm trying to explain in six different occasions/ways that Paragon and WiModem are configured at the same baud rate and the communication between them (and to the caller) works, but you still instruct me about setting the rates.

I think at this point there is nothing else to do than come to the conclusion that I just can not do it. I will give up with it for now and maybe look at it again with new eyes in the future. It's still a nice product and works well (for calling and like I said earlier, no problems using it with C64+Serial adapter and EBBS bulletin board) but I need to take a few more looks at it to maybe get it do what I really want it for.

[Image: parasettings.png]

[Image: parabaud.png]

[Image: callnocarrier.png]
Are using a raw or Telnet connection?  I have been using a raw connection in my testing.  Works perfectly for me, but clearly AmiExpress (which also works perfectly) or any other BBS is far superior to Paragon.

Here is it working for me:

There is one difference in our setups.  I am using a different init string:


I also have the config set to NOT answer the modem with ATA.

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