Bug in saving data bits and parity setting?
I may have found a bug.

It is, however, just as likely that I am doing something wrong.

I have a brand new Version 2 board running 3.41. I changed the modem to 1200,7E1 using the command AT*B1200,7E1 and saved with AT&W. After which the modem and Putty software worked great with those settings. Upon power cycle of the modem, the modem would not respond to commands at all. It would only respond when I set Putty to 1200,8N1 after which an ATI sent to the modem would erroneously report 1200,7E1. I could then manually change the data bits and parity back to 7E1 and save, but the modem will still revert to 1200,8N1 after a power cycle, with ATI still reporting 1200,7E1.

If you are wondering, I am trying to ultimately use the modem with a Texas Instruments Silent 700, model 707/1200 thermal printing terminal. The 707/1200 terminal will use even, odd, mark, or space parity, but not none. It will also only use 7 data bits.

Very cool product. I have been having loads of fun with it. Thanks!

I will take a look at it. Since ATI is reporting 1200,7E1 then it must think it is in this mode.

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