DCD doesn't work correctly after firmware update
I did a firmware update today (3.04 -> 3.40) and after doing so, DCD is not handled correctly anymore. My configuration is to follow server connection (AT&C1), but my BBS always thinks the carrier got lost. Changing this to "always connected" (AT&C0) or switching DCD polarity to "inverted" (AT*C1) enables me to log in, but now the BBS doesn't recognize hang-ups.

Is there a way to change back to the old firmware until this bug has been fixed?

This is my modem setup:

B0 C0 E1 L0 M0 N0 Q0 V1 X0 S0:0 S1:0 S2:43 S3:13 S4:10 S5:8 S6:2 S7:60 S8:2 S9:6 S10:15 S11:90 S12:50 S25:0 S30:30 S37:6 *B19200 *BL512 *C0 *D1 *L6400 *LED1 *P1541 *R0 *T0 &C1 &D2 &G0 &K0 &Q0 &S0
When this happens is the connection actually lost?  I don't see this with my setup, but I will look into it.  I see you have S0 set to 0, so how does your BBS know when an incoming connection wants to occur and connects?

You can downgrade firmware to the last version (v3.30) using AT*DOWNGRADE.  Let me know if that version works.
No, the connection is not actually lost. The BBS software waits for a RING message (or the RI signal if no RING message is configured) and answers with ATA. This is done this way to prevent the modem to answer an incoming call while maintenance tasks are running.

Downgrading to 3.30 solves the issue, so any chang(es) from 3.30 to 3.40 seems to be the culprit.
Ok, so the BBS thinks the call has dropped when in fact the connection is still present?  Thanks for letting me know about v3.30 working.  With v3.40 I added banning of incoming IP addresses.  I wonder if that list not being initialized (AT&F) for those who have never had this feature is the cause.
I found the issue. V3.41 corrects it.
Thank you very much. 3.41 works like a charm. Smile

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