EMPLANT SCSI-I Termination
I've been trying to get my EMPLANT board back up.   One thing I'm realizing is that I may not have properly terminated the EMPLANT SCSI long ago when I was using.   I'm assuming the EMPLANT board does not have any on-board termination?   So is it correct to have the external SCSI connector terminated if nothing connected there.

Ext. Active Term --> External Connector --> Internal SCSI --> Drive with term.
The EMPLANT board (like other SCSI controllers) does not have SCSI termination. With SCSI systems you always terminate the last device in the SCSI chain. So, if you are using a single SCSI drive then that drive needs the termination.
Okay thanks. I think that also means that I need to have external term. on the external connector, when single drive is on the internal connector. And that internal drive would have term.
When just a single SCSI device is used you can have the termination either on the internal device or the external port, but you can NOT have termination on the internal device AND the external port at the same time! With SCSI devices there is only ONE device that has termination, and that is the LAST device in the SCSI chain.
I'm thinking these 3 resisters are the terminators at the host controller (see attached photo)?   Is this correct?

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Yes. Those are removed if you have multiple external devices.

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