MT32-PI connexion
Hi, Is it possible to connect a MT32-PI to the DE-10 Expansion Board and if yes, do you have instructions to do it?

Yes, it should be possible The USER PORT on my Super Expansion Board and Multi Expansion Board have these pins available.

This is the information on the required pins.

The pinout of the SEB and MEB are available their respective manuals. You would just need to make a cable with a 0.100" spacing to the MT32-PI board.
Thanks.  I'm looking at the SEB manual and I'm confused.

Page 9 Header H2 Pin 1 = FPGA PIN_AG11 = Arduino IO15
Page 9 Header SER Pin 1 = FPGA PIN_AH9 = Arduino IO15

I have the same confusion with

Page 9 Header H2 Pin 2 = FPGA PIN_AH9 = Arduino IO14
Page 9 Header SER Pin 2 = FPGA PIN_AG11 = Arduino IO14

I have build this table to have a big picture:

DE10-NANO.           SEB                      RPI            MiSTer signal
IO15/SCL                 H2 - 1 - SCL        3                I2C SDA
IO14/SDA                 H2 - 2 - SDA       10              TX (MIDI out)
GND                         H2 - 4 - GND       6                GND
IO13/D13/SCK         SER - 5 - SCK      35              I2S WS
IO12/D12/MISO.      SER - 6 - MISO    5                I2C SCL
IO11/D11/MOSI                                   12               I2S BCLK
IO10 /D10/SS                                       40               I2S DAT
IO8/D8                                                  8*               RX (MIDI in)
VCC5                        P2 - 7 - 5V.          2                 +5V

1. To connect a MT32-PI to SEB I need to know where to find Arduino IO14 and Arduino IO15 but I'm not sure where they are.

2. I also need to know where to find Arduino IO10/SS and Arduino IO11/MOSI and I didn't find them on SEB.
The Header H2 pin assignment in the SEB manual is correct. The Header SER pin assignment has the description backwards - PIN 1 is Arduino IO15, and PIN 2 is Arduino IO14. AF15/SS is not available on my SEB board. It *IS* available on my MEB. The expanded USER port was added for that product (and memory was removed). MOSI is located on pin 6 of Header H2.

It looks like I need to make some changes to the manual.

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