Trying to backup Test Drive for Apple II

I'm trying to backup my original Test Drive for Apple II but it doesn't work.

The original boots fine, When copying with SCP software it doesn't work at all, I tried many drives, settings, disks, etc...

When I use a8rawconv, it's a bit better, the disk boots but at one point it stops. It's always at the same point that it stops btw.

I read in some posts that Jim suggested to do a manual track by track copy using the analyzer/editor.

Can someone explains the steps or the procedure to do that?

Thank you.

If you sent me the .scp image (done as SPLICE with 3 revs), I can look at the data and likely tell you what is wrong. Send it to data @

With editor/analyzer you can read a track and write it back out, or read and image file, make changes and save that. You really have to know how flux works in order to understand what you are doing because you might have to rotate tracks for alignment. The editor/analyzer does not have decoding for Apple II GCR, only for CBM GCR and MFM, so you would have to work at the flux level.

If the original disk is write protected (like having no notch at all), make sure you write protect the copy! This was the most common trick used to stop copies from working.
ok I just sent it. Yes the original disk is write protected and I did put a piece of tape on my backup disk but it didn't help.

Thanks for taking a look.


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