Possible telnet translation issue

Firstly I'd like to thank you for developing this wonderful little piece of hardware. My current setup is:

An Amiga 2000 w/ Term 4.8 and XEMLIBs emulating a VT340 and a baud rate of 9600.

and I'm using it to telnet to an ubuntu server.

When telnetting from my macbook, everything works perfectly including curses applications like vim, however when I'm telnetting from the Amiga, the normal CLI works just fine but curses applications are very janky. If I open a text file with more lines than the terminal has rows, everything is suddenly off by about 4 lines. The cursor won't move on every keystroke, resulting in the vim cursor moving but the buffer remaining stationary. If you then edit the buffer you're editing a line that's totally different from what you're seeing.

In attempting to triage this I've tried:

* without XEMLIBS (essentially emulating a VT220)
* varying baud rates
* setting the TERM environment variable to everything under the sun

none of which have seemed to resolve my issue which makes me think it might have something to do with the AT*T1 telnet translation itself? Does anyone have a similar setup or some words of advice?

Thanks for reading this far!
The only Telnet support that is present is to tell whatever is trying to send commands that Telnet commands are not supported. There are more than 400 different telnet commands available, and since 99% of the people using BBS's are calling system that don't even use Telnet at all, I don't plan on supporting anything Telnet related other than what I do now. Just responding as DONT/WONT seems to make every Telnet server I have seen stop calling any additional Telnet commands.

What is the URL that is causing the problem you are seeing? I can take a look with a Telnet sniffer on the PC to look at see what is going on.

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