write image to disk fail
I have problems writing images to floppies. I have dumped some 360k floppies with SPC (under windows XP, using splice mode) and I'm trying to write those images on blank floppies. The writing process seems to work but then when I try to copy the content of the floppy on another computer I have systematic reading errors. 
I dumped the copied floppy with SCP and the content is clearly not the same as the original so it's not writing properly (see file https://we.tl/t-kaT7wK6Wq8) :
  • multimate utils.scp is the original dumped copy
  • utils-copy-splice.scp is the dump of the disk written using splice mode (SCP under windows xp)
  • utils-hp-index.scp is the dump of the disk writtent on another machine (windows 10), using index mode.

I tried with 2 different floppy disk drive, 2 different cables and 2 different machines. 

what could be the reason fot this problem ?
What type of disks are these?  Almost everything should be dumped and/or written with INDEX mode.  SPLICE mode should only be used if INDEX mode doesn’t work.  I will take a look at the images.
I looked at your images and all were dumped with INDEX mode, not SPLICE (there is only 1 revolution, and SPLICE is always 2 or more revolutions).  But the odd thing is that you only have 20 tracks worth of data, both heads - not 40 tracks of data with both sides.  What disk type did you select? What drive are you using?  What do you have the Drive Type set to in the pull-down menu?  What disk drive are you actually using?
OK, so your images are IBM PC for sure. I was able to look at the directory contents with HxC. It seems that you have the Drive Type set wrong and you are double-stepping with a 40 track drive, which means you are losing the upper 20 tracks because the head is hitting the upper stop and tracks 21-40 are actually blank because of this.
Hello! Yes that’s correct, I did not setup the drive type and the default value was 96 tracks and not 48. I changed the parameter and everything works fine.
Thanks very much !
Great to hear!

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