Problem with Windows XP
I seem to have the same problems using the XP system. My problem is that it has taken me several MONTHs to get a system to run that system (all my computers run some form of LINUX on am ARM system). I finally got Windows XP running and tried the latest upgrade for the SuperCard Pro. I got the error message in Callmejack's report above. I came to this site and read everything here and found your fixes and downloaded xpsetup.exe , CDM 2.08.24 WHQL , and Iran FDClean.exe and then ran xpsetup. The xpsetup.exe installed fine, but the driver install gave me the original error message again. Since this is my first time trying to use this board, I do not have any older drivers to fall back on. What I really need is a step by step list of what I MUST do to be able to work. All I want to do is to transfer older programs on floppy disks to a DVD which I cane use to move them to other machines.
Look at this post:

You need to use that version of the SCP setup program and also that version of the Windows drivers. The setup two parts - first the SCP software installation, and second the driver installation. You can skip step two when running the installer linked to above. After that, run the FTDI driver installer. Reboot your machine and then everything should work fine.

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