Help with SCP and Atari 400/800 disks
Although I can't write out a disk with the nice SCP Windows software, I was able to get them to write out correctly using a8rawconv.  It was quite a "rain dance" trying to get a virtual com port to open for a8rawconv, but I finally succeeded by attaching my FTDI usb serial port interface to force Windows to attach a VCP. The disk was written out correctly, and all sectors are valid.

That said, I hope that you do find an issue and can fix it so that we can use your Windows software.
I am sure that the issue is that it is double-stepping.  There was very little testing done with the Atari 400/800 disks because most people do use a8rawconv to control the SCP board for reading/writing those disk types.  I was busy with the Commodore Retro eXpo over the weekend, but I will look at this ASAP.

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