source for 3.5" internal compatible drives
(06-25-2020, 08:40 PM)admin Wrote: So, I looked at the makercentra.netl website and see that yet another program that supports .scp images!  I had never heard of this before.  This person didn't contact me asking any questions about the .scp image file format, so I guess he had no problems implementing it?!

yeah Josha (not joshua, easy mistake to make) is a really smart guy. I just had 3d printed his floppy-disk holder, turn tool, for about $15 shipped through CraftCloud. It keeps the 3.5mm door open and assist in cleaning the disks.

His processing software interface is crazy capable, but heck if I can figure it out, with the manual. Maybe he's updated it....

[Image: ScreenshotFloppyControlv1.1.0b.png]
(06-25-2020, 10:10 AM)keithcbm Wrote: Anyone have a 2020 current source for 3.5" internal floppy drives? I'd prefer new.

The sources that come to mind are Amazon, Newegg, ebay.

Floppy drives can get particularly crusty, and so I'm really hesitant to buy Used. Some of the pictures confirm how ugly they can get.

I have probably a half-dozen drives here, and can "refurbish" them myself. I thought it would be nice to have a couple new ones to start fresh......

Some of the prices I'm seeing are absurd....

Well eBay does have some new ones:
Interesting software. I will have to grab it.
There are a few current sources of NOS drives:
  • Alan Computech has a wide variety of drives, including some NOS.
  • eBay has a series of NOS drives as well. I found Sony MFP920-E's NOS. There's also SFD321B drives too. There are some new "pulls" where they were pulled from an NOS computer that was never put in service.
  • was a bit disappointing. Slow (but friendly) responses via email, no idea about price. Claims to have new (2) Mitsumi D359's and (4) Teac FD235HG's.
I've got 2-3 drives coming. One of the MFP920-E's was impeccably clean when opened. Absolutely perfect given the 15-20 year age. Worked out of the box with SCP with no problems.

The going price for a NOS drives are about $20-$35. You should definitely not be paying $50 or more for a drive. Refurbished drives should be going for less. Floppy drives are wear and tear items --- unless I really trust that the drives were serviced by someone you trust, I really wouldn't consider them. Not in July 2020. Maybe things will get more dire in later years.

When buying NOS drives, look for the signature baby blue transparent bags and yellow tape that these drives were put in from the manufacturer. Sometimes there's a plastic shell that then they went into after that.

Hope this helps.

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