SCPro & FDD 3.5" housing.

Since I use the SCPro mainly for Amiga disks, I decided to make a case to mount a 3.5 "FDD drive and the SCPro inside.

I take the power from an external 12v power supply and internally I use a 5v 1A stepdown to have both voltages, 12v and 5

Combo works like a charm.

The two black FDD cases are: Left Kryoflux, Right SuperCard Pro.

Nice enclosures!
Those are nice. I'm hoping to find something that could hold two drives. But I'm so new to this that I haven't even gotten started yet. Primarily doing research at this point. Wink

Speaking of, do you feel there is a benefit to having both a Supercard Pro and a Kyroflux? As of now, I'm trying to decide between the two. For me, it is less about features, since they both seem more than capable for my needs, and more about the community and support available.
SuperCard Pro has more features, costs less, and is still actively supported and updated (2 updates last month a big update coming this month). There is a lot of support for the .scp image file format with emulators and utilities (Windows, Mac, and Linux). SuperCard Pro captures flux at nearly double the resolution, it's faster, and is GUI based. Some like CLI's.. I don't... we live in modern times. Smile
Supercard Pro ordered.  Big Grin
Benefits in having both? not really. But I have my Kryoflux since before the SuperCard Pro existed. That's why I have both. If I compare the two, I prefer the SuperCard Pro without doubts. It's a great board.

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