JiffyDos Question
Hi Jim.  Love the Ultra Reset.  It has been working great.  I just recently purchased a JiffyDos rom set from Retro Innovations.  It comes with both the kernel and drive roms with a soldered on switch.  I’m trying to determine how I can wire this up to my Ultra Reset so that I can use that to switch kernels rather than having to install the provided switch.  If memory serves, Ultra Reset has a single green wire.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Yes, that single green wire can be connected in place of the one of the leads of the switch (the lead NOT connected to ground).  So, look at the switch leads and trace them both back to the EPROM board.  One will connect to an address line on the EPROM board and the other will connect to ground.  Connect the green wire to the one that connects to an address line.  If you have the dual ROM set, both EPROMS (computer and drive) can be switched simultaneously with the single green line.

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