Assigning Drive Letter to SCP-Connected Drive
At one time it was mentioned it might be possible to rewrite the software (or firmware) to allow SCP-connected drives to show up as drive letters and allow Windows (or Linux?) to use them as a regular floppy drive. Has there been any progress in this area? That would be great! I've read messages from a lot of people in various forums who ask if there's a USB interface for their 5.25" floppy drives as there is for 3.5" drives.
I recently negotiated hiring a Windows device driver programmer to create Windows driver that would you do exactly what you are describing. You would be able to mount a drive letter and access the filesystem on the disk from within Windows. I am starting with IBM PC format first to make testing easiest, followed by Commodore 1541 format and then Amiga format. There is no time line for this as the programmer is working on this between their own contract jobs.

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