3.03 Firmware downgraded to 3.02 after update
So I ran the at*update command on my new wiModem232 and it grabbed and installed ‘new’ firmware. The problem is, before the update the modem was at 3.03 and now it’s at 3.02 (7 months older). I’m guessing the update server is pushing out the older version than what is shipping. Any idea how I can get back the the 3.03 or whatever is actually newest?
Yeah, that was my fault! I recently decided to update the Arduino libraries and bumped the firmware rev and did some testing. I actually didn't realize that I left it this way after doing my tests. I will make a new updater so that those who had v3.03 and went backwards and go forwards. There was no difference in features. I do have a couple of changes I want to release, so maybe we will go to v3.04 shortly with those changes and the new libraries.

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