"Read length > RAM capacity!"
I am imaging an IBM 360K disk with 5 revolutions Splice mode. While "Reading Track: 20", I get an error "Read length > RAM capacity!". This happens consistently, even if I close other programs.

If I go down to 4 revolutions, the disk is read successfully. I also note that something is going on where I only get data on the first 20 tracks anyway (I'm posting a thread about that in a different topic) and after that is noise. So is there just some sort of compression going on that can't handle a full 5 revs of noise, but can handle 4 revs of noise or 5 revs of actual data?

Not a huge issue, not sure if any extra revolutions is going to help recover this apparently bad disk. Just curious if I'm doing something wrong.

Oh, and one more experiment with this just finished: I set the DriveType to 48 TPI and that got it to "Reading Track: 40" even with 5 revolutions, before the error happened again. (Had told it to read to track 42.) I still don't understand what the TPI setting does/doesn't do but apparently it has some effect after all!
TPI has to do with the head step. What disk drive are you using? It is possible that if you have the drive set to a 96tpi and the drive is really a 48tpi it will double-step and so the last 20 tracks would be banging the head against of the end stop!

The error message occurs when more flux data is being read than what will fit into RAM. This is almost always caused by reading a bunch of noise (like what you are seeing).

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