New WiMondem user with a few questions
Thank you for the helpful info. My linux server is local in the house so it should have a pretty minimal ping. I was not aware of needing flow control enabled over 1200 baud. It appears that DesTerm128 supports RTS/CTS but CCGMSTERM for the 64 does not. Can you recommend a good 64 term to use?

Tonight's update: I found that at*c1 and at*d1 were set, even after an at&f and at*reboot. I set at*c0 and at*d0 and wrote the defaults to memory. That said, any time I try to enable flow control with at&k1 the system locks up hard. I tried it in 64 mode, 128 mode, with just the sd2iec, with just the pi1541, and in 64 mode with just the 1571 drive and copy of CCGMSTERM on floppy. What's extra weird is that the terminal locks up sometimes when I type at&k but before I get to the "1" or <enter>.

If you have any terminal recommendations, I'd like to try some other software and see if that helps.


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