Still connected after ATZ

I'm using a WiModem232 with a Tandy 102 (simple TELCOM app) on the client side.  I noticed that after you make a connection with ATDT/ATDP and go back to command mode (with +++), the connection is not dropped on an ATZ.  With all modems that I've used, ATZ causes a hang-up but with WiModem232, you can do ATO after an ATZ reset, and it resumes the connection.  I wonder, is this intentional?  It could be useful for software that repeatedly issues ATZ commands.

Thanks, from Lex.

P.S. I've enabled notifications now, so I should respond a bit more quickly than I did last time (1-and-a-half months.. sigh..). :-)
ATZ does not hang up the modem when in command mode. You need to use ATH.
(04-29-2019, 11:02 PM)admin Wrote: ATZ does not hang up the modem when in command mode.  You need to use ATH.

Ah, okay.  I'll make sure that I do that.  I also use my WiModem232 on an Amstrad PPC640 and that always issues an ATH after quitting the terminal screen - it's only in cases when I'm typing commands manually that I sometimes forget it.


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