WHD Program
Tried whd for the first time today and I'm having the same issues as the others. 9600 baud, at&k1 set, directory works in CCGMS, but when I start the whd wedge and load"$",7 it freezes on "Loading. I tried it with JiffyDOS enabled and disabled on both my NTSC breadbin and flat 128. Running latest WiModem firmware. Tried an at&f just to see if that would make a difference but got the same result.
Hmm... I will look into it.
Update to the latest (v4.00) firmware and use the latest WHD. I have fixed all of the little issues. Now you can leave your WiModem in 2400 baud mode and WHD will automatically switch it to 9600 baud and run correctly.
Only NTSC, right?
No, it should handle both NTSC and PAL. Although, I have not tested it with PAL I do have the timing set for PAL systems. If you have a PAL setup, please test it and let me know! Thanks!
Yes, the UP9600 hack is required as the WHD program runs only at 9600 baud. At some point I will enable the 38400 baud support that I have been working on.

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