Suggestion to aid Videotex users.
(01-24-2019, 05:00 PM)admin Wrote: Ok, so I have released an open BETA version (v3.01).  You can try it by typing AT*BETA {RETURN}.  This will download and flash the board with the beta version.  If you want to go back to the previous (v3.00) release, type AT*UPGRADE {RETURN}.   New command summary:


AT*TSx, where 'x' is either 0 or 1
AT*TS1 - enable TELSTAR mode
AT*TS0 - disable TELSTAR mode

When TELSTAR mode is enabled the WiModem's COMMAND mode will accept either 0x0D or 0x5F as the CR character for incoming bytes, and strip the upper most bit of every incoming byte.


AT*Ax, where 'x' is either 0 or 1
AT*A1 - enable Autodial
AT*A0 - disable Autodial

When Autodial is enabled the WiModem will attempt to connect to the first phonebook entry on power up.

Let me know if the TELSTAR mode works correctly.  If not, let me know what needs to change.  If so, I will make this an official release.

Note... if for some reason you are stuck in the connected mode when powering up and the keyboard does not appear to work (like in the wrong baud rate!), you can always do a RESET as described in the manual.  That will turn off the Autodial feature.  I ran into this until I figured out my code worked fine and the WiModem was set to a different baud rate than my terminal program!

This is great, I will test this over the weekend with a few clients and let you know.
OK, thanks!
All tested now and works great. Many thanks for looking at this really appreciated.

Kind Regards
That's great to hear! I will wrap up the changes and make this an official release.

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