direct drive 1541-II how to do it ? is there a way ?
Ok so I took one of my direct drive 1541-II's apart, and took the spindle motor out, and removed the flywheel and under it is the servo-motor windings, and a motor IC with a heat sink, I cannot see the part number, but is there a way to modify speed of this motor ? I have three of these drives and it would be nice to have a rock solid speed drive for copying using a SC+ with ribbon on this drive.

Of course the belt driven version has a potentiometer and is easily changed. but it seems to me that after looking in the news groups and
forums and google all over the place that someone has done it, but how can it be done ?

This mod is not for the novice as the spindle motor has to be dis-assembled and small wiring and mods need to be done, esp since there
isn't much room under the flywheel, but I know it should be possible.

This is like the 1571 drive. You need to add a pot and resistors the correct place. I did this back in the 80's but I don't recall exaclty where the connections were made.

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