Cannot Connect to WiFi, No Router Located?
Well, something changed in your router. WPS just automates the same process used with the AT*SSID command. Maybe someone got into your router remotely? You are definitely using very old WiModem firmware - the AT*REBOOT command was removed years ago.
What I am saying is that I cannot connect to ANY access point.  Any SSID.  On my network, another network, tethered, what have will not connect manually.  

I have discovered, that if I use the AT*NS[1],passphrase process this works as well as WPS.  

I've used different terminal programs as well, in C64 mode, C128, ANSI, CBM, etc... etc....  

I mean at this point I am connected, but AT*SSID [name][,passphrase] does not work.  And my access point names are basic; HomeAP and HOMEAP2 for example.
Are you using ANSCII mode for your terminal program? You should be seeing capital letters when you are typing. As stated in the manual, you can’t be in a “graphics” mode when you are entering a SSID and password. With CCGMS you need to toggle mode to ANSCII.

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