1571 installation
Yes, but the fold should occur a little further down so the board fits between the power supply and the drive mechanics.

Those are 470K resistors, to 4.7K.
Jim, I'm having problems getting the speed past 297.2. I'm using 2 x 470k either side of the 1M pot. I went down as far as 4.7k either side but that dropped the speed lower (294 I think).

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I got the speed up to 297.9 by using 2 x 1M resistors either side of the 1M pot.
This solution allows me to slow the drive down OK but I read elsewhere that sometimes it is necessary to speed the drive up! How is this achieved?

I don't have a schematic for the 1571 "drive board" so I don't know what the 2 resistors and pot actually do - however I am guessing they are in parallel with another resistor thus reducing the voltage to the motor (guess). So how do I go about speeding the drive up? Is there a schematic for the drive board?
You don't need to change the speed back - ever.  You could put a switch between the center pot lead and the board though.  That should disable it.
I just completed installing 2 SC+ in my 1571's . When I go to check speed it loads and fails (Utilities 0 ) on both set of disks.
could any one recommend a good prg to check with?
You mean the disk itself fails to load? I test every disk before they are shipped, so I would be surprised to find that two sets of disks were bad. You can download the .d64 images and create your own disks. There is nothing else that will give you accurate drive speed.
All other parts of the disk load and work fine, but when I load the speed check, the screen resets and I get a overflow error over and over...Thanks for the idea I will download the .d64 tomorrow...
Hmmm... I will look at the master disks.
I downloaded the v6 d64 files and had the same result. I found a older version v5 and that speed check worked so I should be good to go.. Thanks.

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