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Yesterday I install the SuperTracker II in my 1571 drive. It took seems like half the day but all worked out.

The switch it came with the threads don't go thought the plastic all the way to put the bolt on.  I had to drill a bigger hold not all the way though.

This video I did in parts and put it together as one video.

Seems like not much videos out there of this SuperTracker II.

Got JiffyDOS in my 1571 and it came with just the chip. I like to put the AUX on it. I guess on pin 1 right? I did but it only stays on JiffyDOS.

Do I have to bend out pin 1 and ground it with a resistor and then put the AUX wire on it?

Here is the video uploading to YouTube as I type this.

-Raymond Day
Looks like the 1571 don't need a switch. I read this in the PDF.

1571 and 1581 On 1571 and 1581 drives equipped with JiffyDOS, a software switching scheme is used to select between JiffyDOS and the stock DOS. With JiffyDOS installed, the drives sense whether the computer they are connected to is in stock or JiffyDOS mode and subsequently select the corresponding DOS routines automatically. No manual switching is required.

So what can the AUX wire be used for then?

-Raymond Day
That information you made in bold text pertains to JiffyDOS on the computer side, not the disk drive side.  You still need JiffyDOS on the disk drive side in order to have fast transfers.  If you have only the computer side you won't have fast transfers, just the DOS shortcuts.

The only way to have a switchable JiffyDOS is by having the version that comes with a drive select switch.  If you don't, then you can't switch it with the SuperTracker II.  If you have the switchable version, then you can just attach the wire to the chip select line of the ROM.  That select line can be different pins on the ROM, depending on the size of the ROM.  You apparently do not have a switchable version so you can't use the switching feature.

The micro push button is designed to be "screwed" into the plastic face plate on the 1571.  The plastic used on the 1571 is much thicker than the 1541's plastic, where you can use the nut.
(11-27-2018, 11:20 AM)admin Wrote: Do you have a photo of the push button mounted on the plastic face plate of the 1571? I guess the plastic is thinner there.

-Raymond Day
The manual for the version of the SuperTracker II for the 1571 has pictures of the switch installation:

See pages 23 and 24.
That is were I put my switch but in the pdf it looks like you just used glue to put the switch in it.

-Raymond Day
I "screwed" it into the plastic and used shoe-goo on the back side to prevent it from ever unscrewing itself.
The 1541-II is quite ungrateful for an OLED mount. My solution:

[Image: 20201205-003816-LLS.jpg]

[Image: 20201205-134826.jpg]

[Image: 20201205-135155.jpg]

[Image: 20201205-134639.jpg]
That's a great solution! Smile

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