Wanting to test this on an Acorn BBC Master - is the wiring correct?
Just wondering if this looks at least correct for wiring? The BBC Master side is correct, that much I know.


Or am I looking at the wrong type of wiring for a 25pin? I'm wanting to build my own. I've already got the parts.
No, that cable will NOT work. That is a NULL modem cable. You need a standard modem cable. DON'T use that cable or you can damage the WiModem232.
All I know is there are only 5 pins on the BBC side. Would more pins need to be connected on the 25 pin side?

I understand that the following is a null modem cable http://www.cowsarenotpurple.co.uk/bbccom...cable.html but it mentions something about "Warning: The wiring that appears most obvious, namely connecting the BBC's RTS line to the PC's CTS and vice versa, is not actually the best. Despite the names, RTS and CTS do not work in the same way on the PC as they do on the BBC."

Which scares me off from trying to guess my way through to making a normal modem cable.

EDIT: Going by this page... http://central.kaserver5.org/Kasoft/Type.../Ch38.html

Is this the correct kind of cable?

EDIT 2: Seemed what I put, was actually a null modem cable again. Not correct.
If the pin descriptions on the left are correct, then this should work.
Thanks. I'll make a cable up when I get a chance, and I'll get back to you. So hopefully, you can add it to the list of tested systems.
So I need to be building a DCE - DTE cable. Basically, the terminals of the same name are connected?
Yes. You need a modem cable.

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