Terminal program not detect the WIFIModem232
I'm currently setting up the wimodem232 on an old compaq armada with freedos.

this is how I found the com port

1) Plug in the wimodem and make sure its powered.
2) At a command prompt do: mode com1 /baudhard=1 (on newer systems you can do mode com1 /status) this will show the current com port settings.
3) If the com port baud rate is > 300 (default) do : mode com1 300
4) Do : copy con com1 (this will redirect console input to com 1)
5) Type AT*RESET , if the wimodem resets, then you've found the com port that the wimodem is on otherwise, repeat these steps for com2,com3,com4 e.g mode com2 /baudhard=1
(use ctrl-Z to exit copy con)
At this point you can use the copy con com1 command to set the baud rate for the wimodem. I had to do this as the terminal program that comes with freedos supports a minimum baud rate of 1200.

Dont forget to AT&W to write the new settings, otherwise it will revert to 300 baud after a power cycle.
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