WiModem on CBM Machines
i have now plugged the Wifi modem to another CBM4032 computer,
This computer is also defective, but the supply voltage work properly.
Thus, the Wifi modem and the tape connection work properly.
So unfortunately it is my CBM8032 fault ...
I do not know why ...
Can the Wifi modem "turn off" when a data line is e.g. is pulled to ground.
Or does it always have to light up at least from the display?
When there is 5v power, the WiModem turns on... this includes the LED and OLED screen.
Hi, Thank You!
I had the same idea and only  see now your (correct) answer.
The cause was a defective VIA/CIA 6522.
I swapped it, and now the display lights up properly and I was already visit  in a first BBS
great thing, with such a very old CBM4032 / CBM8032
Thanks and Greetings

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