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No, they are not standard. They are special versions (ABT) that have low voltage thresholds. Return the board to me and I will repair it. I offer a lifetime warranty on all electronics I make.
Thanks - since I no longer have the original packaging, is this correct?

3269 Maracopa Ave. Ste 114-511
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406

I have the original receipt from PayPal but they do not show an originating address.

Thank you, you're the best!
W1ARQ Howard
Board on it's way.

W1ARQ Howard
Yes, that's the correct address.  I will test it first to see if you have a drive issue or if there is really a problem with the board.  I have gotten a few boards back in the last month, and in all cases the board was fine and the drive (or cable) was the issue.
ok - thanks, I did try several drives as I have many - 5.25 SSDD (190k), 5.25 DSDD (360k), 5.25 DSHD (1.2m), several 3.5 720k and 1.44m, and all were working when recovered, along with at least 3 different cables - all produced the same results of this last issue.
Also be advised that I included $10.00 for you for return shipping just in case you should miss it out of the box. I felt that you should not have to be out-of-pocket for return shipping.

Again, thanks a lot.

W1ARQ Howard
Thanks, I will let you know what I find.

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