has anyone tried connecting wimodem to wimodem ?
That's a WiFi ping to the RF module.  The ping test I am talking about is modem to modem done serially.
Hi. I'm the other party that was trying Modem to Modem with sean_skroht over the weekend.
I was searching for a terminal ping command but couldn't find any.
How do we ping over terminal?

Also we managed to hookup the modems directly to each other without going through the router to try and reduce any latency but they both had the same IP address. ( from memory)
Is it possible to add a manual Change IP address command along with the 9 bit parity discussed earlier?
It's not possible to change the IP address (currently).  I am pretty sure that WiModem to WiModem direct is going to have the same problem with latency.  Remember that serial to serial is just that... there is not middle layer like the WiModem has.  That middle layer is the WiFi transmission/reception and stack for translation.

Until I have information on what 9 bit mode is actually needed, I can't doing anything with this.  The mode needed may not even be possible with the RF module I am using.

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