has anyone tried connecting wimodem to wimodem ?
A ping test is way more than 1ms because there is latency of the serial transmission.  The best I have ever seen is around 20ms, which is too slow for many things, even Zmodem has issues (Xmodem, Ymodem, etc. all work fine though).  I would be highly surprised to find any NULL modem games for the Amiga work because of the latency.  These games could also be using unsupported pins.  With the original WiModem232 (V1) you can have either RTS/CTS or DTR/DSR supported, but not both pairs at the same time.  With the V2 hardware I made it so that both pairs are supported at the same time.  The games could be using DTR and/or DSR for some functions.  A way to determine that would be to put a RS-232 breakout box inline with the NULL modem cable and disable DTR and DSR individually to see if the game stops working.

I don't know if I own an original disk of Lotus 2.  I am assuming that this is a racing game?

I would need to find documentation on any games that use this '9 bit mode' to know what '9 bit mode' actually is.

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