has anyone tried connecting wimodem to wimodem ?
Yep did a ping test and, as you say, latency is very low, less then 1ms actually.

Would it be possible please if you could test Lotus 2 null modem serial link between 2 WiModem232's on the same LAN to see what results you get? If it is smooth and the connection doesn't drop out please let me know what settings you used because, for the life of me, we can't get it to work. Also it would be great if you could add 9 bit mode support since Stunt Car Racer does use this mode and apparently a few other games do as well.

The intent was to buy a second one for myself and do away with stringing across a null modem cable between my two machines as they're not positioned all that close to one another. Up until now I have been performing tests with my own and another WiModem232 owned by a mate of mine.

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