How I tapped Apple IIe motherboard power for the WiModem232
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to pass on to anyone using the WiModem232 with an Apple IIe how I was able to get power from the IIe motherboard to drive the WiModem232. This lets me keep the WiModem232 completely inside the Apple IIe.

The first thing I did was modify a USB able to replace the Type A end and replace it with two clips. I left the USB Mini B end alone.

See Pic1 & Pic2: 
Pic1 -
Pic2 -

Then I needed to find +5v and Ground on the motherboard.

In the Apple IIe there is a very convenient place to tap for this power: I used the internal side of the DB-9 Joystick port. 

The leads on the inside of the computer for the DB-9 connector for the joystick are bare and not insulated. I connected my clips to these leads. I connected Red to Pin 2 and Black to Pin 3.

See Pic3 and Pic4: 
Pic3 -
Pic4 -

Here’s the pinout of the IIe Joystick port:

Connector front:

  \  5   4   3   2   1  /
   \   9   8   7   6   /

 Pin 1 - Pushbutton 1
* Pin 2 - +5V Power [My Red Clip)
* Pin 3 - Ground (My Black Clip)
 Pin 4 - Game Control 2 or PDL2 (Joystick-2 X-axis)*
 Pin 5 - Game Control 0 or PDL0 (Joystick-1 X-axis)
 Pin 6 - Pushbutton 2*
 Pin 7 - Pushbutton 0 (usually the "Fire" button)
 Pin 8 - Game Control 1 or PDL1 (Joystick-1 Y-axis)
 Pin 9 - Game Control 3 or PDL3 (Joystick-2 Y-axis)*

It worked great and I don’t have to use a phone charger on the cable anymore! It all fits nicely inside the case of the Apple IIe.

See Pic5:

I hope this helps people out and someone finds it useful.


Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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