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If I may, can I offer a suggestion for the display.  Is it possible to display what the current baud rate configuration is for the device?  I've been testing various terminal emulators and going through various baud rates trying to determine what the limits are on transferring display data and file transfer speed.

It would sure help if when I came back the next day on asking myself what was the last baud rate I was using, etc.  It may also help prevent the need for doing the hard reset.

That's a smart idea.
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I am looking at adding some rotating screens to show various data.
Another feature request, if it is possible.

It used to be with modems, if I was sending an "ATDT(phone number)", if the line was busy, I could do an "A/" and it would use the last command string again. This was good for manual autoredialing a BBS as one was waiting for a BBS connection. For Telnet connections, this is less likely to be an issue if the BBS software they are calling supports multiple connections.

However, I do have a couple of BBS's I have been calling that are busy, or if I call back too quick, they are not ready to answer yet. Thus, if I could simply do an "A/", it would save a lot of typing.

If it is possible to buffer that command to reprocess the last previous issue command, it would be nice.

Yep, A/ is on my list of things "to do".

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