Thanks for creating a great product
Thanks for creating the WiModem232.  I am using it on a TI-99/4A upgraded computer called a Geneve 9640.

I got my unit the last week of December and had time to mess with it a bit a week ago, and spent some extra time with it last night.

Not sure if it was an older firmware issue or what, but it did not behave exactly as the manual indicated it should when first plugged in on the setup. I had sent it a number of commands sorta blindly, and after a power reboot, I had connected to my router.  Last night, I again struggled configuring and had to do a hardware reset shorting those two pins out.  I'm not sure if I changed the baud rate initially which I did not think had happened, but something would not allow me to communicate with it.  It had sat without power for 7+ days at the time.

Either way though, it was not with the latest firmware so maybe whatever the issue is/was, it it will not repeat itself with a firmware upgrade.  I will be updating the firmware tonight and hopefully, it will follow the manual a bit better.

Thanks again.

It's always followed the manual for operation. Make sure you are using 300 baud when initially connecting to it. If you want to save your settings, use AT&W. Otherwise, when you power off and back on, all of the changes you made to the settings (including baud rate) will be lost.

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