CBMSTUFF.COM access issues
Not sure what was the problem is, however I almost gave up trying to login to this forum.  I would have posted this elsewhere, but no "general" area for discussion.

I registered under two different accounts.  First account was "Beery Miller".  Second was "Beery".  Both used different email accounts.  I thought the first account with the space in the filename may have been an issue.  Problem persisted with just using my first name.

I get the email containing a 32 character password.  I type it in exactly, and it says invalid password.  Being the tech savy person I am (grin), I do a cut/paste of the password to make sure there were no typos.  Still, invalid password.

I try the shorter account name registration process.  Same problems as before.

I then go back to the "Beery Miller" account and do the lost password.  I eventually get the email with an 8 character reset password.  Took a couple of tries, but I finally got in and was able to set the password.

Unless there is a delay before the passwords are updated after the registration email is sent, something is not behaving as it should.  If you have an option to remove the 32 character temporary password to an 8 character temporary password, I would suggest starting at that point.

My 2 cents.


P.S.  I like the WiModem232 I got.
Thanks for your feedback. I will look into it.
I had the exact same problem and did the exact same thing to finally get in.
I am not sure what the deal is. I get people signing up for forums every day without any issues.

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