Supercard Pro vs Copy II PC Deluxe Board
I am asking myself  ; does supercard pro work like "copy II pc delux card" from central point software ? 
Is this card still interesting ? or supercard pro can do same things and better ?
Thanks a lot.(And happy new year !).
I moved your post. It was in the Supercard+ forum!

The SuperCard Pro is somewhat like the Option Board from Central Point Software (where I actually worked and wrote the copy software for the C64 and the Option Board), but SuperCard Pro is a true flux copier that can store any number of bitcells and their times, not just a limited window like the Option Board.

I'm onwer of Copy II PC Deluxe Optionboard (Transcopy Optionboard).

Transcopy Optionboard (TCOB) can copy nearly most of copy protected disks except a few of Copylock II.
Unfortunately TCOB can't copy HD disks with copy protected disk correctly.
SCP is very best solution to copy disk copy protected disks nearly all except laser hole burned disks.

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